As per the GFR of the Govt. of India (Para 29 of the Annexure to Chapter 8), The Indian Trade Journal should be regarded as the standard medium of public advertisements in India. To know about the Brief Procedure Regarding Insertion of Advertisements and Tenders, Click here


  •  The publication is compiled annually on financial year basis.
  •  Global tenders.
  •  Focus on International trade: An informative write-up published every week on a particular country with special reference to its trade with India.
  •  From our Embassies abroad: Provides information on recent policy changes and happenings in other countries that may be of interest to the Indian trading community.
  •  Commodity Exim update: Provides short glimpses of trade between India and the rest of the world in two imported and two exported commodities.
  •  Important Anti-dumping and other such relevant notifications.
  •  Issues in International Trade Environment: This fortnightly section contains news capsules downloaded from various world trade related sites, e.g., WTO, IMF, etc.
  • Editorial Authority: The D.G.C.I. & S. is the editorial authority for the Indian Trade Journal.

    Publisher: As per the rules laid down by the Government of India, the Controller of Publications, Civil Lines, Delhi: 110 054, is the official publisher of the I.T.J.

    Periodicity: Weekly Journal, published every Wednesday.

    Subscription: The rates of subscription are as follows (as on November 1, 2002):-

  • Inland: Annual - Rs.4,500.00 Single Copy - Rs.90.00
  • Foreign: Annual - £360.00 or $540.00 Single copy: £7.20 or $10.80
  • The annual subscription may be remitted in the form of an a/c payee demand draft drawn in favour of ‘Controller of Publications, Civil lines, Delhi: 110 054.’ and may be sent either to this Directorate for onward transmission to the office of the Controller of Publications or to the latter office directly. Any query in this regard may be sent to this Directorate or the Controller of Publications.

    Availability: The Indian Trade Journal is available from the Controller of Publications, Civil Lines, Delhi – 110 054, or from Government of India Book Depots at Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata, or from the agents authorized to sell Government of India publications.


    Source : Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence and Statistics, Last Updated on 15-12-2017