Foreign Trade Statistics

Foreign trade data are captured on the basis of flows/+movements of goods across the custom frontiers of India. Data cover only the merchandise trade transactions. The value of import data conforms to C.I.F and that of export to F.O.B. Data on imports of crude oil and petroleum products are collected separately from Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Government of India. Country wise break up of imported crude oil and Petrolium Products are not available.

Monthly Press Note on Foreign Trade: The DGCI&S regularly issues monthly press note containing the aggregate figures of India’s exports and imports towards the end of the following month.

Monthly Brochure: After release of the Press Note a monthly brochure entitled ‘Foreign Trade Statistics of India’ (Principal Commodities and Countries) is brought out within 6 to 7 weeks. The brochure contains foreign trade data grouped by principal commodities, countries and major Indian ports for the current month and the corresponding month of previous year.

Detailed Statistics on Foreign Trade: The detailed statistics on India’s foreign trade in merchandise is presented in the publication ‘Monthly Statistics of the Foreign Trade of India’ in Commodity/ Country order whereas the same is presented in Country/Commodity order in the publication 'Statistics of the Foreign Trade of India by Countries’. The commodities referred to in these publications stand for the ones specified in the ITC(HS) against 8-digit codes which have been developed by the DGCI&S by sub-dividing the 6-digit codes of Harmonised System of commodity classification evolved by the World Customs Organisation, Brussels. New ITC(HS) codes known as custom Tariff Nomenclature which was promulgated by an ordinance on 1st February, 2003 are now being followed w.e.f. April'03 issue and onwards. Certain types of foreign trade such as foreign trade in treasure, currency notes & coins (in circulation), specific articles warehoused under bond, foreign trade of neighbouring countries passing in transit through India (e.g., Indo-Bhutan transit trade) etc. are not covered in the publications on merchandise trade. The categories of trade namely, (a) Direct Transit Trade, (b) transshipment Trade, (c) passenger's baggages, (d) ship's stores, (e) defence stores, (f) diplomatic goods, (g) "Proscribed substances "under atomic energy act, 1962 are also excluded.


Source : Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence and Statistics, Last Updated on 18-05-2017